How to code and not go crazy – Career Weekly vol. 10

Are you starting out in IT or have been coding for a few years? Whatever you answer, we’ve got some tips to help your career. Or, at the very least, they’ll make you find more time to relax in this crazy world…

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Ready-made career paths, not just for junior devs!

Starting out in IT is a bit like the first day in a new city. You get off the plane, train, or car and wonder where to go first. To a hotel, a pub, or maybe a friend who can show you around the most important places?

I recommend the latter option, especially if your friend is Jeroen De Dauw. When you are new at programming, be sure to read his article on, in which he shares some awesome advice. There you will find three types of tips: general, technical and bookish. Each one is worth reading carefully, so reserve some extra time this evening.

Another tool is – a site with ready-made career paths in various IT roles. It’s also a goldmine of knowledge on what direction to go in, and… a pretty good way to diagnose your current level if you’ve been coding for a few years. The roadmaps on the site are very detailed and cover a really wide range of roles and specialisations: from Frontend to DevOps to Blockchain or Software Architecture. You can also explore paths in specific technologies. Highly recommended!

And if you’re just trying to be a dev, I suggest you not to spend thousands of dollars on a bootcamp (that should even be banned). You can find dozens of free alternatives to heavily advertised courses on the internet. As an example, let’s take a look at this list, which manages to collect many interesting educational initiatives for future frontend developers. I’m sure you will find more of them. After all, Google is a lifesaver at every stage of your career 😉


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How do you find more time to relax?

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been feeling a bit overwhelmed by the negative news in our industry for a while now. Information about recession or layoffs attack us from all sides. In such conditions, it’s easy to be tempted to work even harder. After all, you have to be prepared for ‘hard times’. It’s like you haven’t even worked 10 hours a day until now, right?

That’s why I decided to offer you an article by Inna Sinicka which describes her own ways of achieving a work-life balance. It’s a really great post! Inna shares some ways to use 100% of your attention while you’re working, so that you have time for something completely different later on.

Let’s see! Are you already using the ‘Focus’ function on your iPhone to mute unnecessary notifications? Are there no distractors on your desk? Have you tidied up your desktop so you’re not constantly looking for the same files? How about learning new shortcuts for your favourite programs?

Any of these will save you a lot of time and attention, so you don’t have to work ‘even more’.

It’s also a good idea to keep a record of your conclusions, ideas, questions and upcoming plans – save it on a device being kept at hand. It should also become your habit to take breaks – e.g. three times for 5-10 minutes each day. Just not in such a way that you are still thinking about programming, okay?

Apart from that, Inna recommends looking for ideas for solutions on social media, but you have the Vived app for that, so don’t waste your time looking for good content 🚀 


Discover more IT content selected for you
In Vived, you will find articles handpicked by devs. Download the app and read the good stuff!

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Elon doesn’t stop being elonish

Finally, a little update, as a really intense week is behind us with the Twitter saga. Last Monday I summarised Elon Musk’s initial decisions and speculation about his next steps, but nobody (especially me) expected it all to play out so quickly.

I’m sure you’ve already heard that about half of Twitter’s 7,500-strong team has been laid off. You probably also know that this was done in an outrageous way – people were simply stripped of their access to online tools, laptops were remotely wiped out, and then the employees’ private inboxes were hit with a termination notice. Many teams were affected by the layoffs, but especially those people who were responsible for content moderation and on-call maintenance. And communication as well, so instead of professional press comments from Twitter, we only read further tweets by the new CEO. Among others, those in which Elon justifies the layoffs with losses of $4M per day.

The purge ordered by Musk has a number of consequences. Large advertisers are starting to withdraw their ads from the platform, while they generate around 90% of Twitter’s revenue. The loss in advertising revenue will certainly not be made up by raising the account verification fee to USD 8. At the same time, former employees are spinning their own viral campaigns under the hashtags #OneTeam and #LoveWhereYouWorked, which can be seen as an image flop for the company. Of course, according to Elon himself, it’s all the activists’ fault. 

The Bloomberg, on the other hand, reports that some employees were fired “by accident” and are now being offered their jobs back. Apparently, ‘someone’ has gone hugely overboard and said goodbye to really key professionals.

What will emerge from this chaos? It’s hard to say, but it looks like the bluebird will be flying very low…